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Time is Not Money

Ideal money is a security that has no dimension. Ideal money is atomic, structureless, has no extension but has infinite duration. Ideal money has zero…

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Lecture at Institute of Physics

Video of Lecture on Models Behaving Badly at The Institute of Physics, London, 2013

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Marriage Times Three

In Hong Kong the other day I saw an exhibition of photographs taken by Sebastian Salgado. Some of them were photographs of

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In the Beginthing

In the beginning, no Inside or Outside. When other things materialize, call them things. Things penetrate your boundary. Every thing is Inside or Outside. You cannot be…

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Lived Too Long?

Forty-odd years ago I had to take a final exam in Thermodynamics in order to be exempt from taking the course itself, and in order…

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When Rates Rise

Re Felix Salmons’s post on

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