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In the Beginthing

  1. In the beginning, no Inside or Outside.
  2. When other things materialize, call them things.
  3. Things penetrate your boundary.
  4. Every thing is InsideĀ orĀ Outside.
  5. You cannot be neutral to penetrations; you must dislike them or desire them.
  6. No consciousness of the selfthing without dislike or desire.
  7. No dislike or desire without the existence of Outside selfthings.
  8. Self consciousness is knowledge of Outside selfthings.
  9. Contentment: being Inside.
  10. Anxiety: fear of moving from Outside to Inside, or vice versa.
  11. Disgust: the breakdown of the boundary.
  12. Temptation: the longing to break the boundary.
  13. Intuition: a sudden temporary disappearance of the boundary.
  14. Joy: the experience of the vanishing of the boundary.
  15. God: no inside or outside.

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