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Good to go

Everyone avers that honesty, ethics, morality, art, literature, science, etc. are good, but if you look at the way people behave most of the time, their actions give the lie to their beliefs.

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Margin calls

Two movies this week, one new — “Margin Call” — and one old a second time — Alan Pakula’s “Klute.” Both didn’t live up to what I expected or recalled.

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OS Moi

Someone directed me to this remark by Larry Page: “DNA is about 600 megabytes compressed making it smaller than any modern operating system like Linux or Windows.”

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The dangerous method

I went to the NY Film Festival for the first time in years last night and saw David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method, a movie about the interactions between Jung, Freud, and Sabina Spielrein who was Jung’s mistress, Jung and Freud’s joint patient sequentially, and an eventual analyst herself.

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The Hunger Artists

I came across a very interesting post by Sam Harris about the difficulties of getting paid for being an artist, a writer, or a public intellectual.

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PPE morphs to PNE

The internecine arguments by economists in the daily papers show that a good part of economics is about what is good and how to achieve it.

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