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American declinist

Edward Hadas of the FT/Lex has an interesting video on the debt ceiling fiasco called? Playing Chicken with America’s Future. He calls himself an American Declinist.

Watching Obama and Boehner last night, it’s hard to disagree. I thought Obama was more smoothly manipulative, but not convincingly so,? and Boehner more transparently and crudely manipulative, but neither one was great statesmanship or even statesmanship.

Unfortunately for me, and it may be unfair, no matter what Obama says, I can’t forget the mismatch between what he seemed to promise and what he seems to have done, most particularly with regard to the financial crisis. This cartoon by Barry Blitt? from a Frank Rich op ed in the NY Times almost a year ago is seared in my memory, and dominates my view of Obama.

When he speaks now, that’s what I see. I suspect, rightly or wrongly, many people see the same. Is it fair? Probably not. I find it much easier to despise foolish “intellectuals” and/or Democrat politicians?than foolish “non-intellectuals” and/or Republican politicians, because I hold them to a higher standard. I probably shouldn’t.

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