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Category: Finance

Lecture at Institute of Physics

Video of Lecture on Models Behaving Badly at The Institute of Physics, London, 2013

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The Winner

I got a fair number of answers to the question of what single sentence would best pass on the essence of quantitative finance to the…

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Model “Risk”

I was having a conversation about model risk the other day, and I think it’s a misnomer. Risk to me means the possibility that something…

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Marek Musiela gave a very interesting talk at Columbia the other evening about trying to use a derivatives framework to handle optimal asset allocation. A…

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A Good Model

Everyone always wants to know what makes a good model. One way to think about it is that a good model takes some already valid…

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Why Models Work [?]

A student at another university recently sent me a question which I’ve often wondered about myself: “Any introductory economics course in college will introduce the…

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