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I am nothing (if not fair) and I am happy to admit that the upgraded operating system on the Android is a bit of an improvement. But what is really good on it is the app called Voice Search, which acts on voice commands.

You can say something like ?Email Albert Baker what?s up? and it listens to it, searches for Albert Baker in your Contacts, opens up an email to him and inserts the words ?What?s up?? in the body of the message, and asks if you want to send it. Very impressive.

But for someone who grew up with nasty boys and girls in a British-style school, there are natural next steps.

Command ?Email Albert Baker Damn you? and that works fine.

Command ?Email Albert Baker Expletive you Expletive?,

What Would Google Do?

Google quickly opens up an email that says, letter by letter, ?#### you ####? (sic)

It understands and replaces.

Is Google becoming its own China?

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