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Vox Pop

Took a taxi ride today and the driver had the radio on what sounded like a Democratic leftish call-in talk show rather than a rightish one.

I’m asking callers to comment on the news that Obama is trying to re-energize his base, said the host.

I was one of Obama’s team during his campaign, said a caller. I’m 24, I worked for Obama in college, I went door to door, and now I’ve been without a job for a year ? while he’s been in the arms of the big financial companies ? When I think of Obama now,, he concluded, I think of Orszag (going to work at Citigroup) and Geithner.

As I prepared to exit the cab I said to the cabdriver: You know, when I think of Obama, that’s what I first think of too.

Me too, said the cabdriver. I’m a Democrat, I can never vote Republican, but I can’t vote for Obama again.

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