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I am very persistent and have very high standards, and so it took many days and nights of visions and revisions, no kidding about the many, but I finally made my smart phone and my Mac do what I want them to do to each other, more or less. The trouble is that Verizon sells it, Motorola makes the hardware, and Google unsupports the software. There is lots of room in the cracks.

However, I am triumphant. It’s dangerous to be too perfectionist though. Every time I try to make one thing work a little better, it’s back to square one.

Like Nostradamus, William Blake knew what I would be up against with the Droid:

From wikepedia…: “Verizon serves as a Satanic force similar to Milton’s Satan.”

“Lo, a shadow of horror is risen

In Eternity! Unknown, unprolific!

Self-closd, all-repelling: what Demon

Hath form’d this abominable void

This soul-shudd’ring vacuum?–Some said

“It is Verizon””

But Blake also knew the cure, as English schoolboys sing in their Jerusalem hymn:

“I will not cease from Mental Fight,

Nor shall my Droid sleep in my hand:

Till I have made the Bastard sync,

No matter whatthefuck Google planned.”

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