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To Be And Not To Be

What is it about the phrase

“A Mighty Servant That Never Sleeps”

that makes it mildly blasphemous?

I think it’s the “mighty” before the “servant”. “A servant that never sleeps” is pretty common — I’ve seen live-in housekeepers in New York City who get up before the parents do and go to bed afterwards.

But “a mighty servant”? How can one be a servant and mighty? It’s the “mighty” in paradoxical combination with “servant” that has biblical resonances. Mighty servants aren’t people, hence the reference is to someone who isn’t human, and who can be two different things at the same time.

Don’t ask about the biblical overtones of Mighty Mouse, please, either the Apple one I’m using to write this or the one above. (I meant the picture to be below, but this blog editor won’t let me put it there somehow.)

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