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The First Three Minutes of Quantitative Finance

I realize it contains lots of inaccuracies and sounds cranky, but I sort of like this article:…. I found it on….

The reason I like it is that when I was studying quantum mechanics and I learned that the absolute value squared of the Schrodinger wave function represents a probability, I had the following sequence of thoughts:

Probability is a human concept. You can’t imagine probability without imagining an ensemble of identical experiments or coins, and then thinking of probability as some limiting ratio. So, no humans, no probability. But if the Schrodinger wave function measures probability, then it’s only there when humans are there.

It seems easier to grasp that something as abstract as the wave function or good looks or charm, are in essence human inventions/concepts. But maybe the same is true of time, mass, charge and space. That’s the point this article seems to be making.

Could it be that quantitative finance is only a human invention too?

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