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The Droid, Gurgling

My Droid, I reported a few days ago, jitterbugged ceaselessly for 5 days while I was in the Caribbean, where, from the moment of my arrival, it responded only to phantom input.

I received a bunch of kind emails from people with similar problems who exchanged theirs for Blackberries. Prepared for the worst, I boarded a plane to New York, ready to confront Verizon and start all over again with a mint Droid or a totally different phone. But within minutes the jitter slowly began to fade away.

I conclude that it was the humidity. It was indeed unbelievably damp where I was, inside and out; nothing would dry.

Presumably, the touchscreen’s electrical conductivity got screwed up. Nevertheless, I don’t want to be too forgiving. The fact it that while my Droid malfunctioned, I was surrounded by people merrily iPhoning away with no problem. My iPad too was jitterfree.

Go figure.

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