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Recent Advances in Financial Engineering

I have been reading about the benefits of index funds and ETFs and the wisdom of not trying to outsmart the market by thinking you can time it.

A few days ago I passed a bus stop on Madison Ave with a sign that advertised the extensive array of SPDR ETFs now available, and I now have a patent pending on agreat new piece of IP which I can finally reveal.

Announcing SSETI — Single Stock Exchange Traded Investments: an ETF that allows you to exchange trade a single stock.

Suppose you want to trade IBM in ETF form. SSETI Inc. holds a vault full of IBM stock. When you buy 100 shares of SSETI_IBM, for only a small sponsor’s fee to cover the work of replicating IBM, SSETI acquires 100 additional shares of IBM and adds them to its vault. They then issue you an electronic certificate for 100 shares of SSETI_IBM.

SSETI — All the advantages that liquid exchange trading brings to trading securities:

? A low total cost with a sponsor’s fee of just 0.25%

? Diversified vault locations in three countries

? Exchange traded liquidity and trading flexibility.

? You can go long, you can go short, you can trade intraday.

Simple, yet just what you need.


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