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La Tortilla Consecrata Di Liguria ?

The Holy Tortilla of Liguria. Well, almost, only better ?

Mexico and Texas have their tortillas and pizzas with images of the Virgin Mother.

Turin has the shroud, with an image of the son himself.

But San Remo on the Italian Riviera has the miraculous Pino Marino with a Star of David, as shown in the associated picture.

Believe me, it is real and natural. You can see it only when you face Jerusalem. From other angles it’s not a star at all. I walked by it and was stunned: a marine pine with a natural Magen David on its top.

Someone once told me that, as a consequence of the Romans occupying ancient Israel and then being overrun by Christianity, almost everyone in Italy is partially Jewish.

Maybe this explains the occurrence of a genuine miracle. And one that respects the fourth commandment. Scoff if you will. You heard about it here first.

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