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Entangled Lives

Money Desire Pleasure Pain


For Spinoza there is only one world and one substance and no separate creator and creation. It is pointless to speculate about other possibilities. But people do.

? Paulson on Bailout Many more Americans would be without their homes, their jobs, their businesses, their savings and their way of life,” he said in written testimony prepared for a hearing Thursday. While losses have been staggering, “that suffering would have been far more profound and disturbing” had the government not intervened, he will tell the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Who knows?

? Saved by Being Late NY Daily News: Italian tourists arrive late for helicopter ride; mother and son grateful to be alive.

Tourist Paola Casali was delighted Saturday with her cranky 13-year-old son: He saved their lives. The native of Rome and the teen held pricey tickets for a helicopter tour above Manhattan. Casali’s enthusiasm for the trip wasn’t shared by the boy, and they arrived late for her planned takeoff.

And who knows? Would they have been killed if they had arrived on time? Had they boarded the helicopter, would they perhaps have taken off 1/10 a second later and would everyone have been saved?

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