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When you stay at cheap hotels, you get no cotton robe at all, not even a synthetic one. When you stay at good hotels, they have luxurious Turkish cotton robes in the bathroom (two usually), and they have a sign in the bathroom that tells you that if you like the robe a lot, you can buy one in the lobby store (i.e. you may be the kind of person that steals or thinks it’s OK, Sixties style, to rip off corporations, but please don’t). The same hotels also have a sign telling you to put your dirty towels in the bathtub if you want them washed, in order to keep detergents out of our rivers (and save laundry money for the hotel). (Full disclosure: once, many many years ago when I was younger and foolisher, I did take one of three robes away with me, and I regret it.)

Recently, I got to spend a night or three in some extra-good hotels. Not only did they have no sign about saving the rivers from detergents, but they also showed not the sllghtest doubt that I needed a warning about buying robes rather than taking them. I don’t think it was because the price of the hotel efficiently incorporated all future information about my likely behavior.

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