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Wall Street emails end with a disclaimer saying “Nothing in this email should be construed as a solicitation.” This is for legal protection.

Environmentalists inform you to ponder the environment before printing their email. This is to show that the emailer is a good guy.

Today’s NY Times has an article about how a scientist rediscovered that psilocybin induces religious states that change people’s lives:

Hallucinogens Have Doctors Tuning In Again

But, lest other scientists think there is something fuzzy about his thinking, he feels obliged to add a disclaimer:

“The subjects? reports mirrored so closely the accounts of religious mystical experiences, Dr. Griffiths said, that it seems likely the human brain is wired to undergo these ?unitive? experiences, perhaps because of some evolutionary advantage.

?This feeling that we?re all in it together may have benefited communities by encouraging reciprocal generosity,? Dr. Griffiths said.”

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