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MIsbehavioral Psychology

This is my tale of disappointment, of ground-breaking research gone awry and then embraced as a tool for political manipulation, written in December 2012. F.A.Z.-Column…

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Maxwell’s Equations

A graphical description of how Maxwell’s Equations lead to electromagnetic waves. Maxwells Equations Make Waves

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An eagerness to impart unnecessary information

I find myself increasingly in irritated disagreement with the many neuroscientists and evangelically professional atheists who think that science is everything, that matter is all we have, and that photographic images of chemicals glowing in the brain are equivalent to thoughts and feelings. (I have no problem with their simply disbelieving in God.)

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German models

The good days are here once again for models of the physical world: after a drought of almost fifty years, physicists at CERN have discovered what seems to be the long-awaited Higgs boson


Dog’s Lives

When I came to write my memoir, the perception of having been a second-class citizen in the early days of quantitative strategies led me to think of the movie My Life as a Dog, and modify Dog to Quant for the title. The subtext was meant to be dogs.

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I dislike Mayor Bloomberg telling me I can’t smoke a cigar in Central Park, nudge stuff, and nanny states. And yet I find myself liking the fact that they are going to outlaw 640z sodas in NYC. I am impaled on the horns of a dilemma.

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The U.S. dollar is an IOU issued by the Treasury and backed by the full faith and credit etc. Which means what?

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The End

When the era of rationality finally dawned, it became clear to everyone that love doesn’t last.

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