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Some Styles of Faulty Thinking

Some styles of faulty reasoning, often a function of character, highlighted by the occurrence of the corona virus.

I actually don’t know many panicky people.

I know a number of pooh-poohers who for quite a while regarded the whole episode as a kind of over-reaction by people who worry too much. Pooh-poohers focus on psychology, and not enough on the physical and biological world, even though many of them are likely (naive) materialists. The most dangerous ones are those with a public voice. What has been happening is a malady of the physical world, of matter, not of mind, at least from the human matter point of view. Not many pooh-poohers left now.

Professional contrarians — not quite the same as the pooh-poohers, who eventually cease in the face of reality. Professional contrarians always have a new opposing position to take.

Trivializers, to whom everything is immediately obvious, but what is obvious keeps changing. Thus, for example, first it’s obvious that it’s not serious, then it’s obvious that everyone is going to get it no matter what precautions people take, then it’s obvious that quarantines and lockdowns can stop it.





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