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Rolling Thunder: Nostalgia for Nostalgia

The Bob Dylan movie is about an America that had already ceased to exist at the time of the Rolling Thunder Revue in 1975, and absolutely doesn’t exist now.

America in the Sixties was a spark of light. The movie’s 1975 participants are nostalgic for the early 196os, and the movie is nostalgic for the nostalgia of 1975. The source of it all is gone.

When I watch Dylan, I deceptively imagine that I could have been like him. He has an aura of noblesse oblige and purity, perhaps even a justified arrogance, and a sense that, like Feynman, he pays no attention to what other people think. It make one imagine an alternate braver life in which one might have been like him.

If you were conscious at the time of the source, it’s a good movie to watch. The contrast between the then the movie looks back at and now is harsh. Does anyone now look at someone they admire and whose work they love and think they could have been like him?

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